The Entrepreneurial Leader™ knows:

  • That the very skills necessary to successfully launch a business hinder him or her the most in trying to grow it;
  • How to seek honest feedback regarding his or her strengths and weaknesses and utilize that wisdom to the greatest benefit of the business;
  • How to discover, choose and coach exceptional and dedicated disciples;
  • How to create a team of leaders that is exponentially stronger than their individual strengths and talents;
  • How to create, preach and live by a well defined and measurable business identity;
  • How to create a culture based on execution that embraces creativity and change;
  • How to facilitate an opportunity filtering process that enables both rapid growth and sound decision making;
  • How to implement a performance management system that ensures superior individuals happily working in well defined and meaningful roles;
  • How to create a culture of trust upon which success is built.

Through facilitation, innovative activities and coaching, Mike Lasday takes select entrepreneurs on the journey through the Entrepreneurial Leadership Process™ to becoming strong entrepreneurial leaders and, in the process open up new opportunities for accelerated growth.